Naysayers Seem So Yesterday

It is so sad that the French, Germans, and Canadians are more supportive of the US and our president than many of us are. For shame! Can US citizens not just once get past partisan political drivel and stand united in their pride in this country?

Of course President Obama deserves the Nobel Prize. He is the first leader we’ve had in a long time who understands the importance of, and advocates for, cross-cultural awareness, respect, appreciation, and sensitivity.

I am embarrassed that so many of my fellow Americans exhibit a narrow-minded, ignorant, even xenophobic mindset vis-a-vis both domestic and foreign policies.


One Response to “Naysayers Seem So Yesterday”

  1. Muskaan Says:

    I do agree that President Obama deserves the Nobel Prize. He is much better than Bush. Although his foreign policies seem the same as Bush but I hope he could bring some changes especially in Afghanistan. When I saw the 2008 election I thought all Americans like the new President and his policies, but after being here I observed something different. I don’t know it is still the racial discrimination that some white people do not support him or he really doesn’t deserve it.

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