Hate the Position, not the Person

I am a yellow-dog Democrat. As such, I watched the Republican debate tonight expecting to enjoy some comic relief from my currently-burdensome mundanities and frustrations. I found nothing to laugh about. First, I got mad – really mad about the attacks on President Obama and all the noises made about his being a one-term president.

But, as I listened, I relaxed a little and began to realize that most of these potential presidential candidates are smart and probably sincere. Take, for example, Michele Bachmann.

I really like her. She is a strong, intelligent woman. She is passionate about serving her country, believes that her policies are best for this nation, and is as patriotic as I am.  Though I am diametrically opposed to her political stances, I admire her as (to use Mark Levin’s mantra) a “great American.”  My confessing admiration for Michele Bachmann is surely anathema to my Democrat friends. So be it. I would remind them that, as Christ admonished us to hate the sin and not the sinner, we must hate the position and not the person.

If we cannot all grow up and take to heart Rodney King’s plea, then this great nation is doomed to mediocrity and discord. We are all more alike than we are diffent: Republicans and Democrats…rich and poor…young and old…black and white and Asian and Hispanic…homeowner and homeless…Christians and Jews and Hindus and Muslims. We all want the same things.

The tenor of public discourse is hateful and puerile and counterproductive. It is cruelly critical and unforgiving and precludes consensus. But come together we must. If not, we are lost. And the dream of a vital, open, inclusive, progressive, joyful America will be but a sad memory.


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