Though Your Mother Never Told You So

Your innocent, tenuous attempts were met
By nervous nods and down-curved lips.
Exuberance quashed, sensuality squashed:
Just knitted brows and hands-on-hips.

A need, an ache, a wish, a hope:
Now steel-cold stance, accusing eyes.
A plea, a scream, a prayer, a curse:
Only pity-me cries and injured sighs.

You’re fifty now; you’ve learned the ropes.
The child you were you finally know.
She was beautiful and good and pure and sweet,
Though your mother never told you so.


One Response to “Though Your Mother Never Told You So”

  1. FarzanaHafsa Says:

    Dear Nancy, Your poem made me cry. It touched my soul. I am so proud that my facebook post has inspired you to write this beautiful poem. And you have touched my soul. Nancy, I consider myself fortunate that I had a teacher like you. Very few people know how to value others. You make me feel special. You will always be very special to me.

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